sania d'mina x liza langen bouquet
every Thursday on Banérgatan 5
Flowers for the weekend - a new tradition at the most beautiful corner of Östermalm in Stockholm. Every Thursday you can pick up a bouquet uniquely designed for our collaboration with sania d'mina in their beautiful showroom.

We will curate a new recipe every week, highlighting the very best of seasonal flowers. Your bouquet will be ready for pickup, carefully wrapped in white paper with a water source and placed in a gift bag with ribbons, with a signed name card. We'll also offer beautifully handwritten messages if you're gifting this bouquet to someone special.

Pre order before Wednesday 15:00 of the same pick up week. Pick-ups between 10:00-16:00 on Thursdays at Banérgatan 5

PREMIERE 7th March!
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